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Na Piarsaigh Letter to Santa

December 23, 2023 233 Views

Dear Santa,

The Executive of Na Piarsaigh CLG are writing to wish you well before your big trip all around the world to deliver parcels to all the children. We know you have a big job ahead of you and that all your elves have been working so hard making all the toys, checking all the lists twice that you received from so many children.

We also wanted to write to tell you how good all the children in Na Piarsaigh have been this year. The girls and boys across hurling, football & camogie have worked hard in practice sessions, at the blitz matches and tournaments. They have been so good for all the coaches and what is most important is that their smiles, giggles, teamwork with each other, fun and laughter each week is simply tremendous.

We know each year Santa that you have a naughty and nice list. So, we are sending this note just in case there are a small few children that might be wavering between the two lists and if they are a Na Piarsaigh member, then we want you to know they deserve to be on the nice list.

Our kids are amazing, and we want to make sure you know that.

Now Santa, we also have a lot of adult players, across Hurling, Football & Camogie that are never too big for extra sprinkles of special magic dust of fun and joy when you’re flying by their house. They have given us all a lot of enjoyment all year and lots to shout about. We are super proud of them all.

We want to send a special thank you to all your elves who have great hearts. We in Na Piarsaigh know just like you Santa how important it is to have so many helpers. Your elves work hard all year for the children around the world to make them happy. We have lots of volunteers across our club who have big hearts and give their time all year round to continue to make our club the great club it has always been, it is today and will continue to be for the future. We are very grateful for each one of them.

Santa, we know you have lots of letters but we hope you sit down and get time to read ours. It is our way of saying thank you to everyone in the club and our community, our fabulous children, their parents, our volunteers everyone who helps make a difference.

We will be leaving out plenty of carrots, biscuits, milk and water for you and your reindeers in our wonderful new hall on Christmas Eve in case you need a little break and two special Na Piarsaigh jerseys for you and Mrs. Claus as a special gift from us. We left out lots of photos to bring back with you to the north poll, to show the elves of all the great fun we had all year in Na Piarsaigh.

We know all our children from Na Piarsaigh will be up in bed early Christmas Eve so you can be guaranteed you will have a smooth visit when you drop your gifts.

Thank you, Santa, for everything, have a safe and fun flight. Happy Christmas.