Na Piarsaigh GAA and Camogie Club values the health and wellbeing of all its members and realises the importance in providing information and education on a range of issues.

The Health and wellbeing policies and procedures can be found on this site along with a information on the role of the Health and Wellbeing Officer within our club.

Na Piarsaigh’s Health and Wellbeing officer is PJ Breen who may be contacted at 085 2402013 and

Health and Wellbeing Officer

The role of the Health & Wellbeing Officer is to help ensure that their club is a healthier place for
everyone to enjoy. 
They will be supported in this work by their Club Executive and their County Health & Wellbeing
Committee. Policies, programmes, partnerships, and resources specific to the role are available
(please see for more details).

– The key functions of the role are to communicate (the good work your club is doing and/or plans
to do), support (the on-going development of the club’s health and wellbeing policies,
programmes, partnerships and overall ethos) and signpost (to health and wellbeing opportunities
in your club and to support services in your community).
– While not an elected member, it is recommended that the health and wellbeing officer attend
club executive meetings. Alternatively, regular formal reporting of activities should be agreed.
– The officer will familiarise themselves with the content of the GAA’s Community & Health
Department website (
– The officer WILL NOT BE required to provide direct services or support to members but may help
signpost to appropriate services provided by local/national agencies and/or voluntary groups.

As part of the role as HWO, PJ will promote and support at club level any activities organised by the County Health & Wellbeing Sub-Committee . Provide reports, as required, to the Club Executive on plans and activities, including a report for the club AGM on work completed and any plans for the subsequent year. Ensure appropriate policies and activities are implemented at club level, eg Club Drug & Alcohol policy. Work with the club Executive to promote health messages at club games and events. Encourage the club to include the wider community (parents, past players, older men etc) in any health promoting plans or activities, and will ensure adequate policies are in place in all respective areas to meet current demands of Na Piarsaigh GAA & Camogie club. All policies shall be evaluated annually and adapted as services require.

Examples of these are “Men on the Move” along with the Healthy club initiative and other health related activities.

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