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Connected School-Na Piarsaigh

January 21, 2024 308 Views

Na Piarsaigh Coach & Player Development: “Connected School-Na Piarsaigh” – Your Support Is Needed.

For many years, we have had fantastic people working in our local schools across generations which helped bring us to our current levels of success.

We appreciate that the link between our local Schools and Na Piarsaigh is crucial, and we want to build on those foundations. Building a “Connected School-Na Piarsaigh” fosters the future pool of players, coaches, supporters and members through collaboration and wellbeing for our community schools and our club.

Our key focused outcomes: Continue to…..

  1. Foster relationships between local “School-Na Piarsaigh”.
  2. Utilise Na Piarsaigh expertise to promote and be advocates for GAA games.
  3. Create a pathway for all pupils, teachers, parents, and family members into our club Na Piarsaigh.

Our coach and player development team are seeking expressions of interest from those who are willing to help.

We are actively looking for the following.

  • Coaches: Available and willing to coach in our feeder primary schools between 9:00 - 14:30.
  • School Liaisons: To help facilitate the link between school coaches, school management and the club Coaching and Player Development Team in relation to a feeder school.
  • School Parents: Parents of pupils who are club members in our feeder primary schools to provide feedback and assist both the School Liaison and school coaches in providing for Gaelic Games in your child's school.

So, if you are interested in supporting our future, and want to know, all you need to do is simply email

Add your Name & Contact Number and what role you would be interested in - we will be in touch to share more details.

Regards Coach & Player Development