General Statement

At Na Piarsaigh GAA, we respect your right to privacy. When you visit our website, two general levels of information can be retained: statistical and analytical information collected on an aggregate, non-individual specific basis, and personal information that you knowingly choose to provide.

Statistical and Analytical Information

This type of information provides general, non-individually specific details about the number of visitors to our website, the number of return visits, the pages visited, where visitors came from, and where they exited. This helps us monitor website traffic to manage capacity and efficiency, understand popular areas of the site, and assess user behavior to measure interest in different sections.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal Information: Information associated with your name or personal identity. Our website does not collect any personal data about you apart from the information you volunteer (for example, by emailing us or becoming a member of our club). Any information you provide in this way is not made available to third parties and is used only for the purpose for which you provided it, including:

  • The purposes for which it was provided by you;
  • Verification purposes and statistical analysis; and
  • Marketing and administration purposes.

Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information

Non-Personal Information: Data collected for statistical purposes that is not associated with a specific identity. This site collects and analyses technical information to evaluate our website. This includes:

  • The IP address of the visitor’s web server.
  • The top-level domain name used (e.g., .ie, .com, .org, .net).
  • The pages visited on our website (i.e., URLs visited).
  • The previous website address from which the visitor reached us, including any search terms used.
  • Data showing visitor traffic around the website (e.g., pages accessed).

Use of Cookies

What is a Cookie? A cookie is a small text file placed on an internet user’s hard drive by a web page server. The information in the cookie is set by the server and can be used by that server whenever the user visits the site. A cookie functions as an identification card for the user.

Purpose of Cookies Cookies facilitate faster and easier interaction between users and websites. Without cookies, it would be difficult for a website to remember a visitor’s preferences or registration details for future visits. Cookies save time and make the browsing experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Are Cookies Dangerous? No. Cookies are small pieces of text and are not computer programs. They cannot be executed as code and cannot access your hard drive or read other information saved on it.

Can Cookies Threaten Users’ Privacy? Cookies are stored on the computer’s hard drive and cannot access other information stored on the hard drive. They only contain and transfer to the server as much information as the user has disclosed to a specific website.

What Do Our Cookies Do? Our cookies ensure the basic functioning of our website and support our web usage statistics to help us improve user engagement. Modifying your cookie preferences may prevent certain elements of our website from functioning correctly.

Can You Control How Cookies Work? Yes. Users can set their browsers to accept or reject all, or certain, cookies. All recent versions of popular browsers provide a level of control over cookies. For more information on controlling cookies with your browser, please visit About Cookies.